The fully integrated project will utilise the EU’s 2nd largest JORC compliant hard rock lithium resource as feedstock for a lithium chemicals conversion plant adjacent to the resource area. The integrated nature and location of this project will provide a sustainable source of battery grade lithium chemicals, required for the European lithium-ion battery supply chain.

The San José deposit is a highly advanced, previously mined brownfields development opportunity and represents one of Europe’s largest lithium deposits.

Infinity Lithium will mine the hard rock mica resource and develop processing facilities to provide a strategically essential European mine-to-end-product lithium chemicals operation

The deposit is unique due to its extensive strike, width and surface outcrop that make it a large homogenous ore body. The release of an Underground Mine Scoping Study in 2021 minimises the environmental and societal impact from the extraction of raw materials.

Strategic Location

The advantages of being located in Cáceres, Spain.

The San José Lithium Project provides substantial advantages in supplying the European market through the use of one of the few economically viable sources of lithium raw material in the EU and strategic alignment of downstream processing facilities.

Infinity Lithium subsidiary Extremadura New Energies maintains a 75% ownership interest in the San José Lithium Project. The Project is located approximately 3 hours from Madrid and 3.5 hours from Lisbon accessible by dual lane highway.

The Project’s close proximity to end markets, coupled with advantages in the progression in underground mining practices, compliment a process flowsheet that provides positive environmental credentials and societal benefits.

A lithium supply response is needed to satisfy the burgeoning Global and European demand created by electric vehicle and energy storage needs. Infinity Lithium is well placed to provide battery grade lithium product to the large-scale battery plants from the proposed San José production facility.​


Infinity and Extremadura New Energies are looking at all ways to promote the San José Lithium Project using the highest standards of sustainability available.

The EU requires vast quantities of battery grade lithium hydroxide and battery grade lithium carbonate with ethical sources of raw materials and the lowest possible carbon footprint with the implementation of a Battery Passport.

Underground Extraction Methods
100% underground extraction creating next to no disturbance to local terrain as well as reduce dust and noise production. The underground method also allows the non-toxic waste products (tailings) to be reinserted back underground as part of the immediate rehabilitation process.

Electrified Underground Fleet
Infinity and Extremadura New Energies are looking at the use of electrified mining equipment to operate underground at San José. The use of this equipment will remove one of the larger carbonised components of traditional mineral processing. Electric vehicles will also reduce the noise profile of the Project.

Renewable Energy
The region of Extremadura is one of the largest centres of renewable energy in Europe. This gives the San José Lithium project and ability to power its fleet, its infrastructure and potentially produce green Hydrogen for its kiln with minimal carbon footprint.

Green Hydrogen
At the end of 2021, Infinity signed an MoU with Engineering firm Thyssenkrupp to explore the use of Green Hydrogen to power our kiln at San José. This is traditionally one of the higher carbonised components of Lithium processing and this partnership will work towards potentially removing this footprint in a world first.

Processing – The beneficiation process uses stage crushing and flotation resulting in removal of waste and upgrading the lithium grade of the concentrate, followed by blending of the lithium bearing mica concentrate with a sulphate as part of the roasting process where calcining liberates the lithium. The material is then leached with water to deliver strong recoveries of lithium sulphate in solution.

The lithium sulphate is solution is then crystalised and purified to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide resulting in a viable process with low technical risk.

“This is an opportunity for the city and for the Province. This project is a generator of employment and wealth, and it can also provide an opportunity on the future retention of talent and a way to combat depopulation” Diego Hernández - President, Cáceres Business Circle (CEC)

Our privilege to operate in this beautiful area of Spain will be in direct relation to the respect as a company we show for the history, culture and people.

Infinity and Extremadura New Energies understands its need and has a massive desire to work alongside the town and people Cáceres and the region of Extremadura.

As our project develops, we want to play a significant role within the local community in helping to provide generational opportunities for the local and regional population.

This will include through direct and indirect employment opportunities, skill development in mineral extraction and processing techniques, bringing advanced global thought leadership to the region both internally and through our partners, and through the increased revenue opportunities a project of this nature brings to the local, regional and federal governments.

Infinity, its subsidiaries and its partners are focused on delivering a Project that sets global benchmarks for all societal and environmental credentials.

The EU must get rid of its dependency on fossil fuels. Spain is a front runner here, with its large renewables share and LNG capacities. Spain can and will play an important role in supplying Europe. Ursula von de Leyen, President of the European Commission, 6 March 2022